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MGNREGA Activity Codes – DEO West Bengal

act00: clearing and grubbing road land including uprooting rank vegetation, grass, bushes, shrubs, saplings and trees girth up to 300 mm, removal of stumps of trees cut earlier and disposal of unserviceable materials and stacking of serviceable material to be used or auctioned, up to a lead of 1000 metres including removal and disposal of top organic soil not exceeding 150 mm in thickness.

How many bags of cement are required for 1 square metre of

Thank you Yedukondalu Marneni for A2A. You need 0.112 Number of bag, so lets see you can we calculate it in detailed. Area of Plaster = 1 m² Thickness of plaster = 12 mm =0.012 m Mix Ratio → 1:4 =>Volume of Plaster ∵Volume of plaster = Area of pla...

AP SSR 2015-16

2) If the material is obtained by hand broken from surface boulders/canal spoil, the blasting and crushing charges shall be deducted. 3)The material shall be HB Stone of Granite, Dolamite, Dolerite and Trap.(Quartzite and Basalt with aggregate impact of less than 20) 25. Cum Cum. 92 72 Part I - Materials not covered under Irrigation basic data ...

Materials Needed to Tile a Floor

Aug 28, 2018 · Floor tile installation is a task that handy homeowners can handle on their own, but you'll need some specific materials and tools to do the job correctly. These items help you cut, install and finish the tiles, so you get a polished, professional look with a tiling job that lasts.

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an unlined canal is larger than that required after lining; the space between the lining and bank is reduced by backfilling. To provide a satisfactory base for a lining, the backfill material should be free from vegetation and should be placed in the invert and compacted in layers not to exceed 6 inches. Where linings are to be placed with ...

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Providing and laying ceramic tiles of having size 30 cm x 30 cm confirming to I.S.15622/2006 (group D II-A) and 7 to 8 mm thick for flooring in required position laid on a bed of 1:4 cement mortar including cement float, filling joint with white/colour cement slurry cleaning curing etc. complete as directed by EIC.

Common Schedule of Rates

Tiles 22.86cm x 11.43cm x 3.81cm actual for roofing, flooring, tile masonary and canal lining at kiln site Description of Item Unit Rate Sr. No. (i) (f) First Class 1000 Nos. 579.00 Modular brick tiles 19cm x 9cm x 4cm actual for roofing, flooring, tile masonary and canal lining at kiln site (i) First Class 1000 Nos. Cum Ten Nos. 588.00 41.00 ...

Kiln Linings

The purpose of a kiln lining is to prevent the kiln walls overheating and energy being wasted. This can be achieved using dense bricks and mortar, insulation bricks and mortar, refractory castable or with ceramic fibre usually in the form of modules.

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Furan Resin Mortar offered by Indotech Corporation, a leading supplier of Furan Base Mortar in Amraiwadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Company was incorporated in 1975 and is registered with IndiaMART. | ID: 6634722473 Owing to the years of industrial experience ...

Phenolic Mortar - CNSL or Cashew Phenolic Mortar

CNSL or cashew phenolic mortar is resistant to acids, alkalis, and solvents, etc at temperature upto 170 0 C. Area of application: Cnsl or cashew phenolic mortar is used for acid resistant brick/tile lining where maximum chemical resistance is required at most economical cost.

List of IS Codes for Cement and Concrete

Here are the IS codes which cater to the need of civil engineering relating to Cement and Concrete. These IS codes include the Standardization in the field of all types of cement, pozzolana, testing sand, concrete, aggregates, instruments for cement and concrete testing, cement plant machinery and ferrocement concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete, test methods for concrete ...

Providing and laying uncoursed rubble stone masonry in CM 1:5 proportion for canal side lining using stones from approved quarry including cost of all materials, machinery, labour, forming weep holes at specified intervals, finishing, curing etc., complete with initial lead upto 50m and all lifts.(with no pin headers)(Thickness of the Masonry ...

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114107336 ausafrasia designer tiles pvt ltd 114210030 ausceylony pvt ltd 114154911 auscon consultants pvt ltd 114024791 aushada lanka pvt ltd 114819352 auslanka paper company pvt ltd 409141013 aussies polymer graphics 114388939 austasia insurance brokers pvt ltd 114253480 austasia investments pvt ltd 114266051 austasia sports (pvt) ltd ...

How to calculate cement and sand quantities in cement mortar As

Answer / santosh singh the procedure to calculate quanity is given below eg. if cement mortar ratio is ( 1:6) suppose 1 cum of cement mortar work is to be done then add 60% extra for voids & cavities in case of plaster then total volume of work = 1 + 60/100 x1 =1

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ANDHRA PRADESH GENERAL SALES TAX ACT, 1957. 6 of 1957. An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the levy of general tax on the sale or purchase of goods in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

List of Project Apporved UPTO 17th October,2013

a case study on the quality and quantity evaluation of howrah municipal solid waste 141 a ... a case study on the usage of low cost light wight roofing tiles for a small guest house in raichak, howrah 145 a ... a detail study on the advantage and various aspect of canal lining 530 a

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Boral Australia is the country's largest construction materials and building products supplier with operations in all states and territories. In Australia, Boral supplies concrete, quarry products, asphalt, cement, roof tiles, timber and masonry to build infrastructure, residential construction and commercial buildings.

Inactive VAT List as at 31-10-2015

Inactive VAT List as at 31-10-2015

Refractory mortar and wood fired ovens

Refractory mortar and wood fired ovens. Mortar making and applications. Refractory heat resistant mortar types for building wood fired ovens from fire clay bricks. In building high quality oven, refractory mortar should be used in only up to ¼" (6mm) thick application. That's the general rule but there are 2 or 3 exceptions.

In addition, there exist large numbers of culverts (594) for balancing purpose. The canal crossings are designed on the basis of design discharge. To facilitate the cross-drainage at these water crossings, 636 cross-drainage structures are located. Table 5.8 shows the distribution by type of cross drainage structures on the project highway.

How To Calculate Quantities Of Materials For Concrete

Jan 26, 2017 · Calculation Of Materials For Different Mix Ratio: Quantity estimation of materials is essentially required in any construction works and quantity of materials depend on the mix proportions of the concrete. In our previous article, we have already discussed how to calculate bricks in a wall.

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Place appropriate quantity of solution in mix pan, and add powder slowly, mixing thoroughly until completely dispersed Do not mix more material, then can be used within 20-30 minutes Area of Application: Furane is used for acid resistant bricks and tiles lining where maximum chemical

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vat inactive file list as at 31 - 03 - 2016. ... ausafrasia designer tiles pvt ltd 114210030 - ausceylony pvt ltd 114154911 - auscon consultants pvt ltd 114024791 - aushada lanka pvt ltd 409141013 - aussis polymer graphics 114253480 - austasia investments pvt ltd 114266051 ...

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As industry ceramic manufacturer, Chemshun Alumina ceramic tile liner including 92% Al2O3, 95% Al2O3, Al2O3+ZrO2 compostion series, and different shape tiles including plain tile, weldable tile, trapezoidal tile, curved & lock tile, engineered tile with special geometries can meet your different wear solution requirement.

IS 3873 (1993): Laying cement concrete/stone slab lining on

cement concrete tiles for canal lining (first revision) 3 TERMINOLOGY 3.0 For the purpose of this standard, the following definitions shall apply. 3.1 Compaction The densification of a soil by means of mechanical manipulation. The Indian Standards listed beloware ...

Blue Circle Ready to use Mortar Mix

When you want to do some brick or block work and don’t want the fuss of working out a mix with sand and cement. Here is a premixed ready to use quality assured mortar that just needs water and its ready to go.

Guidelines for use of Fly ash tiles in canal lining

3.1. Canal lining is made up of impervious material or chemical treatment, installed in an irrigation ditch, canal, or lateral and provided for Improvement of conveyance of irrigation water, Prevent water-logging of land, maintain water quality, prevent erosion and to


Buy great products from our Mortar Category online at We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices Acrypol + is a total roof coating waterproof system developed to refurbish failed industrial, commercial or domestic ...

Tiles Per Square Metre

Tiles Per Square Metre. This square metre tile calculator will provide an estimate of how many tiles you will need per m 2 based on the size of your tile dimensions. To calculate the number of tiles required, the calculator multiplies the millimetre (mm) width and length of one tile to ascertain its area coverage, then divides 1m 2 by the result, providing the amount of tiles you will need.


CHAPTER 25-CANAL LINING Notes- 1. Rates include (a) Lead up to 100 m for all materials unless otherwise specified. (b) Cost of all materials including cost of water. (c) All lifts for all materials. (d) Mixing of concrete in mixer. (e) Cost of curing. 2. Lead for